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Poetry Month Celebration!

In honor of Poetry Month, I thought I would share a couple of the poems that I wrote for my school poetry contest! We had to write all kinds of different styles for this, so it was an interesting experiment. I generally write prose, but here's my attempt at something a little different.

Sinking Through Time
Slowly she sinks, slipping into the sands of time
She shouldn't sink, even so slowly, but she does
"Stop!" she screams to her sinking soul
She shan't see the sadness that sinks her soul
She shall search silently for why
She sinks so far away so easily forgotten

Unanswered Questions
It is a dim path everyone is wandering
Often it leaves them pondering

The questions one never got to ask
Discovering the answer becomes the task

But one cannot answer for someone silent
It seems that the universe is much too defiant

To fill the questions that go unanswered 
Really, the outcome is terribly substandard

So to the sky you can cry
Why didn't they ever say goodbye

Singing in the wind
Smiling as she flies free 
She is fearless

Silence is deeper
Than an ocean of blue tides
Crashing on the coast

Life won't pass me by
Like a free bird in the sky
For I will fly high

Leaves in the Trees
Sweeping in the breeze
Like a lost, dry crumpled leaf
Carried to new worlds

Ode to Imagination
Places, spaces, new ways to be found
Highways and skyways to the open bounds

An escape plan in a closed world
Giving freedom to anyone who can close their eyes

An endless world to speculate and create
No limits or fences to hold it in

And what would the world be without it there to pretend
Rather dreary and grey, I would presume

The entity that brings words to fill my paper, 
printed letters to bring worlds to page and binding, 
and music to my ears
There is no greater prize in my eyes.

If you are wondering, the first poem is alliteration, the second is couplet, the next four are all haikus, and the last is an ode. I hope you had as much fun reading them as I did writing them, and please remember that all intellectual property is copyrighted. I would love to hear what you think (either by email or comment), but please do not republish or reproduce any of this article without consent. 


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