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LA Times Festival of Books: My Experience & Writing Insights from Panels

On Saturday, August 20, I visited the LA Times Festival of Books for the first time ever despite it being held on my college campus every year. In my defense, I've never lived on campus, so it is easier to miss. I watched the tents get constructed for a week, and they're still getting torn down. But, finally, I made it for two panels on Saturday. I'd hoped to get to go to more, but I also decided to continue my very slow moving preparations last weekend, so I can only report back on two fantastic conversations. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the wisdom offered by the attending authors, whose books you're probably already pretty familiar with if you read my blog often.  I did also get one book signed. I'd just been gifted a copy of one of my favorites from last year, Ripe , so I was able to get it signed this weekend. I got to tell Sarah Rose Etter that I am obsessed with her prose and still reeling from the ending after months. I also bought a copy of Martyr!  f