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book review: Mouth to Mouth by Antoine Wilson

Mouth to Mouth  by Antoine Wilson Overview: The narrator runs into an old college acquaintance in the airport during a flight delay, and he ends up in the first class lounge getting to know this old acquaintance, Jeff, better than he ever anticipated. Over the course of many hours and many drinks, the narrator learns the story of Jeff's life from the day he saved a man drowning in the ocean to his entanglement with the family of the man he saved. The story is full of twists and moral gray right up to the final line. Overall: 4.5  Characters: 4 This book is unique in the sense that the narrator is one of the least important characters to the novel. We know that he's a writer in rumpled clothes on a probably useless trip to meet his German publisher. He admires, and seemingly envies, Jeff's polished, businessman look and his first class ticket. But the narrator simply hears and relates the story Jeff tells him, only inserting himself occasionally into the narrative to ask que