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Friends and Strangers by J. Courtney Sullivan: book review

Friends and Strangers  by J. Courtney Sullivan Overview: Elisabeth has been taken from her beloved Brooklyn and plopped down in a nowhere college town in upstate New York. She has no friends, just her husband and infant. Her career has been put on hold with having a child, and she's disconnected from herself. Then, in an open call for babysitters, she meets Sam. Sam is a senior at the college and a natural with the baby, but she has her own challenges as she's pulled between her ambitions and her much older British boyfriend. Sam and Elisabeth quickly pass the employer-babysitter boundaries into a murky friendship full of power imbalances. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 Elisabeth is having a bit of an identity crisis and is more than a little lonely when the book begins. She's stressed about the state of her finances and her family as questions around her husband's job, secrets in their marriage, and whether to expand their family dominate her headspace. She feels like she do