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16 Ways to Break a Heart

16 Ways to Break a Heart  by Lauren Strasnick (190 pages) Overview: This cute, short read was a good introduction back into reading for the new year. I have to say that I'd wanted to read it since its release this summer. It tells the story of Dan and Nat who had a tumultuous year long relationship that ends with her sending a series of sixteen letters, rehashing all the major moments in their relationship. She feels lied to, abandoned, and awful. He feels confused about his feelings. Neither of them are personally secure enough to work in a relationship, but they just keep trying. Overall: 3.5  Characters: 3 I did like Nat and Dan. I thought that they made a good couple who had their own struggles personally and together. Dan feels inadequate next to high watt Nat, and Nat is insecure with herself behind her strong vibrato. While they made for very compelling characters on paper, there was some kind of barrier to them that I just couldn't get past. Right when they'd