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My Reading Habits Tag: what I'm reading, genres I avoid, bad reading habits, and more

I've been trying to think about some posts that will fit in my schedule but be different than the book reviews I'm always posting an be a little more fun and personal. I came across @ readwithlindsey_' s post on Instagram responding to the My Reading Habits tag, and I loved the questions, so I decided to do the tag on here to have a little more space to elaborate on some of my current reading habits as a 20 year old college senior almost 7 years into book blogging.  my current read:  This is a particularly funny question at the moment because I'm taking an English class at university for the first time. Sure, I've taken a writing class but not an English class where it's centered around reading books. So that's greatly inflated the number of books I'm reading at the moment.  Normally, I read two books at a time – a "print" fiction book, whether it's on my Kindle or actually in print, and a nonfiction audiobook. Two totally different worlds.

book review: Old Enough by Haley Jakobson

Old Enough  by Haley Jakobson Overview: Sav is forming a new identity at her arts school. She's found a queer community after coming out as bi, and she's constructed a life and a sense of self that she's actually proud of. The only issue is that her childhood best friend, Izzie, is always ready to remind her of her drunk, party girl high school past and a trauma they all want to forget. When Izzie announces she's getting married, Sav is pulled back into her old world more intensely than ever and forces her to confront realities of her past in a way she's spent years avoiding. Overall: 3.5 Characters: 3.5  I like Sav. She's clearly trying her best even during the moments she fumbles and hurts herself and those around her. It's obvious from the start that she's coping with a lot, and what exactly happened to her is slowly revealed throughout the book. She's grappling with how to reconcile the person she wants to be and the person she's been in the