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Normal People: A Book Review

  Normal People  by Sally Rooney TW for the Book: Assault/SA/Abuse/Disordered Eating/Suicide/Suicidal Thoughts Overview: Connell and Marianne have always weaved in and out of each other's lives. Having a close relationship but never being an official couples has led to plenty of turmoil and awkward situations as they try to form a tentative friendship as they navigate university in Dublin. Even though they date other people and never seem to be able to fully commit to each other, there's something unshakable about their bond. And over months and years we watch them drift apart and back together, like a gently rolling ocean wave. Overall: 4 Mixed Feelings Doesn't Even Start To Explain How I Feel About This Book Characters: 3 I don't even know how to start talking about the people in this book. These characters baffle me. The book is incredibly passive in its approach to just about everything, and that's mostly lead by the characters. Connell and Marianne can't ha

Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi: YA Book Review

  Follow Your Arrow  by Jessica Verdi  Overview: CeCe and Silvie are truly couple goals. Or that's what everyone who ships #ceivie thinks. Until Silvie breaks up with CeCe. Not only is CeCe heartbroken, but she's also dealing with how to address it with her nearly a million followers on the ominously named "app". CeCe is also navigating how to balance sharing her political beliefs with her fear of internet backlash. And to complicate things further, she starts dating a guy for the first time ever (a fact that she keeps from her followers). If you love influencers, books with bi girls, or pondering the pros and cons of the internet, you'll probably like this one. Overall: 3.5  Characters: 3 I'm craving more character development. Silvie is a junior in high school and an influencer with a stable family and her life together. CeCe is also a junior and an influencer. They rose to fame together, and their relationship definitely helped that along. They gathered man