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Top Reads of 2018

This year's best of 2018 list has tons of new categories to fit all of the amazing books I read this year. I've had the chance to read so many advanced books and recent releases, so most of what I read were books that came out in 2018. I mostly choose contemporary, so I've started with my favorite debut as well as the best books in other genres I've ventured into. After that, I have smaller categories in the contemporary genre. I hope you find new books to love and give to your friends and family for the holidays. If you're interested in learning more about the books on the list, click their titles to go to my reviews. Let me know if these are some of your favorites in the comments, and tell me your favorite books! Best In Genre Top Debut Nothing Left To Burn by Heather Ezell Nothing Left To Burn  gave me the craziest book hangover. I was so immersed in the story, and I couldn't stop reading to do anything that I actually needed to be doing. Ther

The Foreseeable Future

The Foreseeable Future  by Emily Adrian (387 pages) Overview: At the end of senior year, Audrey doesn't know what she's going to do with her life besides two things: She's not going to Wheton for college where both her parents are professors, and she's going to work nights at a nursing home. Both of these are to the great dismay of her parents. Audrey wants to get out of Crescent Bay, but she's not sure how yet. Over the summer, though, she stumbles into the perfect boy and the perfect job, the only problem is the job is in Seattle and the boy is firmly rooted to the California beach. She'll have to decide which path to follow before September. Overall: 4  Characters: 4 I liked Audrey. I thought that she made for a nice point of view character, and he struggles with facing college and disappointing her parents felt relatable. I could say the same about most of the other characters like her boyfriend, Seth, or her best friend Sara. The only problem is that

Eliza and Her Monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters  by Francesca Zappia (385 pages) Overview: Eliza is regarded as a freak at school. Sweatpants and oversized clothes with her lanky frame must mean she's dangerous. Kids avoid her like the plague, and that's fine because that's who Eliza Mirk is. Even Eliza Mirk doesn't like being Eliza Mirk, but she loves being LadyConstellation, beloved creator of the online webcomic  Monstrous Sea. No one knows LadyConstellations real identity (not for lack of trying) and the online world and fandoms gives Eliza a chance to be the invincible person she can't be in real life. And then Wallace transfers into school, and he's a  Monstrous Sea fan. Though weary at first, Eliza hides her identity as she bonds with Wallace and realizes that the world outside of her screen might not be as poisonous as she believed. But with each day, the truth creeps closer and closer to the surface, and disaster strikes when it comes out. Overall: 5+++++++++ (I'm sti