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Wordslut: Nonfiction Book Review

Wordslut  by Amanda Montell Get a Copy! Overall: 4 A feminist linguistics book sounds both like the most and least likely book for me to ever read, but I heard Amanda on a couple different podcasts and knew I had to pick it up. Luckily, the library had a copy on hand.  Words and the way we speak are inherently tied into the cultural conversation around sexism, misogyny, and homophobia. They shape the way that we see the world and reinforce harmful power dynamics. Montell gets into lots of interesting discussions with each chapter centered around a different topic from cuss words to why people hate the way teens (mostly teen girls) speak to how women and LGBTQIA people have innovated language to fit their needs.  It's a fascinating and thoughtful book. Montell brings her research to the forefront while also keeping the tone casual and conversational. It feels like an excited friend sharing all these interesting, new facts they just discovered, and the enthusiasm fits th

The (Odd) Process Behind All Our Worst Ideas: A Guest Post by Vicky Skinner

Today, I'm welcoming Vicky Skinner to the blog to celebrate the impending release of her new book All Our Worst Ideas . It's out in the world on August 11th, but today, I want to give you a glimpse into how the novel came to be. If you want to go ahead and preorder your own copy (you can do so here *), Vicky has an awesome preorder incentive making you a playlist, which you can read more about on her Twitter. I hope you enjoy Vicky's story about how her book came to be, and thank you to Vicky for taking the time to write this piece. I’ve done a lot of odd things while drafting books. I’ve drafted a novel on a cruise ship, drafted one only at libraries, drafted many in the late hours of the night when I was so tired I didn’t even remember what I wrote until I saw it the next morning. But the drafting of  All Our Worst Ideas  will always be the weirdest idea I ever had, and an idea I’m not likely to replicate in the future. I got the idea to write  All Our Worst Id

July 2020 Wrap Up

July, like every month since March, has passed extraordinarily slow but also in the blink of an eye. This month has been pretty eventful for not having left the house at all. Like always, it was full of ups and downs, but I accomplished a lot. I turned 17 at the start of the month and got my ukulele, which I've been learning how to play. I filled out the form to hopefully get my college class schedule for freshman year soon. And, most notably, I launched my YouTube channel where I upload a new video every Monday and Friday. If you haven't heard about it yet, I'd love it if you'd check it out and subscribe here . I make book, music, and college advice content. It's been a major learning curve, but I really do enjoy filming and editing the videos. I also had a lot of blogging achievements! While numbers and stats are far from the most important things, it's still validating to see the blog keep growing and to know that people are enjoying what I'm creat