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book review: Old Flame by Molly Prentiss

Old Flame  by Molly Prentiss Overview: Emily is in a somewhat stalled part of her life. She has a good job writing ad copy for a department store. She has an artist boyfriend so involved in his work that he refuses to move in together even after years. She has a passion for creative writing that's only ever expressed in fits and starts in response to a friend's drawings, and they never leave her notebook. Emily spends a lot of time reconciling the vision of herself from her twenties and what she wants moving forward as she enters her thirties. A twist halfway through the book is the catalyst that realigns all of these elements as Emily suddenly grapples for more control over the rest of her life. Overall: 3 Characters: 3 I like Emily, and I enjoyed spending time with her for the first half of the book. She has interesting and sometimes odd observations about the world and very much has a writer's voice. I love how her character explored the way that being a writer in any ca