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book review: The Villa by Rachel Hawkins

The Villa  by Rachel Hawkins Overview: Part Fleetwood Mac retelling with more murder and an Italian twist; part modern day story of frenemies and writers block, there's multitudes in the happenings at Villa Aestas and within this book. Chess and Emily embark on an Italian vacation in the modern day with Chess using her piles of self help guru money to rent out a legendary villa and site of a famous murder. These childhood friends are hoping to get in a lot of writing and rekindle their dying friendship by spending the summer together. At the same time, Emily, a mystery writer, is interested to dive into the murder of an up and coming singer that happened in the '70s and lead to a very famous album and horror novel. Told in parallel narratives of the summer long ago and the summer in the present, this book is full of twists and turns that dig into the idiosyncrasies of human nature. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 All of the characters are quite interesting portraits that contain many