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romance review: Built to Last by Erin Hahn

Built to Last  by Erin Hahn Overview: Shelby left Hollywood in the midst of a bad break-up as a disgraced child star. Cameron left to go to college and later to travel the world with National Geographic, running far away from their past. It's TV that brings the former co-stars back together again too, this time in Michigan for a reality show. Shelby has made a new life for herself refurbishing furniture and working with her dad's construction company, and she pitches a pilot renovation show to cover his future retirement. When the show needs a little more chemistry, it's obviously Cameron that has to fill those shoes. Given a second chance at romance and returning to their roots, this is an incredibly sweet renovation love story. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 I really love how all of the characters in this book are allowed to be shown in their full dimensions. From flashbacks to when they were younger to long conversations with friends and family, we get to see who Cameron and S

month in review: november 2022 reading wrap up

Happy December everyone! How is it already the last month of the year? I haven't written a wrap up in a very long time, but since I got more into blogging in November again, I figured I'd revisit the old tradition. It's hard to believe that this corner of the Internet has been mine for almost seven years. Seven years. And yet here I still am. I definitely took some major breaks from blogging this year and over the last few years. I've thought about closing the door on Reading, Writing, and Me so many times. But I always come back eventually, and I love that I've always had this anchor here no matter where the current moment is taking me.  I have plans to write a post soon about getting back into reading and what's changed in my life that's made reading and thereby blogging more of a priority. I'm glad I'm finally finding the joy in blogging again, though, because for a long time, even if I did finish a book or two, I didn't want to write about it