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Victim by Andrew Boryga: ARC review

Victim  by Andrew Boryga  Thank you to Doubleday for sending me this ARC for review purposes. All thoughts are my own. Overview: Javier always wanted to be a writer without having much direction with it. He liked the easy praise in school but shied away from leaning into the critical comments that would help him level up on college assignments. More than writing, he seemed to just want to be famous. From a first encounter with a college councilor to the people he meets at college to an early success at the college newspaper, Javier starts to realize that there's a niche for him to leverage his background growing up in the Bronx into writing opportunities where his work was indisputable. To keep earning praise, Javier stretches the truth like taffy until it inevitably snaps. This book is the slow chug up the rollercoaster before the bottom drops out from under him and a reflection on his rise and fall. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 Javier is so interesting because I feel like so many of

Kindle Reading Habit Confessions : the Instagram Kindle Challenge

I've been an avid Kindle user for almost as long as I can remember since it was my mom's solution to my voracious reading habit. It's been my constant companion since elementary school – though I've owned a few Kindles over this time. If you're a Kindle user and are curious about someone else's reading habits or still unsure about the e-reader world but want to learn more, here's a glimpse at my Kindle habits. This is a tag I found on Instagram from @heavenlybibliophile , so go check out that post too!  Kindle Type:  I have a 2018 Kindle Paperwhite. Even though I've been a Kindle user since my mom gave me her OG Kindle that didn't even have a touch screen when I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade, I haven't owned this Paperwhite since 2018. When my Paperwhite I bought in 2017 finally seemed like it might give out on me in October of 2022, I purchased a refurbished Paperwhite during a Prime Day sale. Funnily enough, I am apparently really bad with deta

Piglet by Lottie Hazell: book review

Piglet  by Lottie Hazell Overview: Piglet likes to lose herself in food. She works at a cookbook publisher, her love language is making elaborate dinners for groups of friends or family, and eating itself also numbs her pain and worries. Food is her compass. Set to be married in only a few weeks, Piglet is navigating the stress of her strained family relationships, her pretentious in-laws, and her best friend and maid of honor potentially going into labor at her wedding. When, two weeks out, Piglet's fiancĂ© reveals that their relationships rests on a lie, Piglet has to weigh maintaining the perfectly composed life she's built against destroying it all in the name of honoring herself. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 Piglet is deeply caring and hardworking. She's an immediately likable character, and we want to see her find genuine happiness. Unfortunately, her upcoming wedding does not seem likely to deliver that. When her fiancĂ© reveals a devastating secret in the immediate lead-u