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Into YA with Sophie Gonzales (author of Perfect on Paper, Only Mostly Devastated, and If This Gets Out)

I'm so so excited to bring you my quick conversation with author Sophie Gonzales because it's been months in the making. Perfect on Paper  was the first 2021 ARC I let myself read last November, and it immediately ran away with my heart. I've been talking about it on all my social platforms ever since. I was so thrilled to get to chat with Sophie during release week to get into the creation of Perfect on Paper  further.  1. In my review, I likened Darcy to a Hannah Montana of sorts because she has a secret identity only her sister knows about. She runs Locker 89, infamous at the school for giving expert relationship advice. Did you ever encounter a real life version of the locker, or what inspired that part of the book? How did Darcy evolve into a relationship researcher? I never encountered a real life version – although I would’ve loved it! Darcy’s interest in relationship advice stems from a fascination I had with self-help books as a teenager, combined with the incredib