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book review: The People We Keep by Allison Larkin

The People We Keep  by Allison Larkin Overview: April spent her childhood neglected and had to learn to stand alone as a young teenager. She starts working in a diner before she can even legally work, and by the time she's 16, she's ready to leave behind the constant disappointment of her hometown of Little River. So she steals a car and skips town, starting her nomadic life. She lands in Ithaca, starting a new chapter by adding a few years to her age to fit in with the college students that fill the town. When her secret is at risk of coming to light, though, she skips town and spends the next few years playing her music at various cafes, driving from town to town, and forming bonds with new people in every place. The final twist draws her world back together and makes every chapter of her past collide. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 The characters are well drawn in a broad sense. We know a lot about a large cast of characters, and this book is extremely into details, so we feel lik