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Counting Down With You: YA Book Review

  Counting Down With You  by Tashie Bhuiyan  Overview: Karina's life has been extremely regimented by her parents and their many, many  rules. She hasn't lived much of a normal teen life at all. And then her parents leave for Bangladesh for a month. Left in the hands of her much more lenient grandmother, Karina starts testing the boundaries of her own life. Ever the studios, though, one of her main activities becomes tutoring Ace at the request of her English teacher. When Ace ropes her into a fake dating plot to maintain his slacker image with his family, it's clear that the feelings both ways are most definitely not fake. But while Karina's life is her own for now, there's the massive question of how she'll handle this new life she's built when her parents return. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 I like Karina and Ace. They're your pretty classic good girl/bad boy mash-up. Karina is studious and a rule follower. She's battling between her love (and aptitud