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Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon: Romance Review

Weather Girl  by Rachel Lynn Solomon Overview: Ari has always dreamed of being a meteorologists on TV, just like the icon of her childhood, Torrance Hale. She's worked her way through different stations since college and landed a job working for Torrance and reporting on-air weather during the weekdays. Even the super early mornings can't bring down her sunny disposition. Off camera, though, the Hale's marriage is falling apart and bringing down the station, Ari's fiancĂ© just moved out, and she's struggling with her relationship with her mom. After a failed work Christmas party, though, Ari unites with her co-worker to Parent Trap their bosses, but maybe it's not just love between the Hales that's the only kind brewing. Overall: 4  Characters: 4 Ari is a great main character. She's in her late 20s and figuring out how she wants her life to look now that she has more stability in her job and where she's living. She has a close relationship with her br