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Weekly Reviews and Recommendations: Week 15

Hello, everyone! This week I read two awesome books both by authors I absolutely love. I've gotten a ton of reading done recently that I am so excited to share with everyone. In the coming weeks, expect to see a few more articles featuring John Green books, though I promise not to inundate you. He really is a quality author which was why I was so excited to discover that he has a new book coming out October 10 called Turtles All The Way Down  which I can't wait to get my hands on. I also wanted to spotlight his amazing website  which features the most detailed Q&A section I've ever seen for each of his books. In regards to Jennifer Niven, our other wonderful author this week, check out her other book All The Bright Places  (My all time favorite book) and her author website as well as the online literary magazine she started (  and ).  Holding Up The Universe  by Jennifer Niven (391 pages) Ove