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Into YA with Ronni Davis

1. The thing that immediately struck me about the book is the writing. In particular, your use of pacing takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure. In the beginning, as we experience their summer fling, the pages just fly by, but in moments where Devon feels stuck, we really sit into things and fully experience it like she does. Is this something that you’re aware of? Do you see pacing as a tool? What is your advice for writers who struggle with pacing?   So funny you should ask this question. I’ve gotten it a few times. What’s interesting is that I struggled a LOT with pacing for this story! So many of my earliest comments had to do with the pacing, and as I revised, I kept breaking it and fixing it and breaking it again. It was honestly one of the more challenging parts about writing and editing this book! And pacing means different things to different people. You can’t ever know exactly what makes it right, but you always know when it feels off. So to hear your comments on the

When the Stars Lead to You Review

When the Stars Lead to You  by Ronni Davis TW: Depression, Mentions of Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts Overview: Ashton and Devon fall in love one summer on the beach. And then he disappears. Another summer passes and there's still no word from Ashton, but Devon still hasn't stopped thinking of him. Then, on the first day of senior year, Devon turns around to find Ashton in a uniform matching hers. It turns out, the school has been in his family since it was founded. Finally pulled back into each other's world, Devon has to decide whether she can trust Ashton when they decide to try again. Overall: 4.5 Characters: 4 Devon is at Preston on scholarship. She's earned her place, leading her class as their planned valedictorian. She wants to study the stars at an elite university. Her life is perfectly planned out except the hole in her heart for the most intense summer fling she's ever had. Devon is quite even and pragmatic, but Ashton pulls her like a magnet

Looking For Alaska On Hulu

I finished Looking For Alaska on Hulu today. After binge watching the first 7 episodes at once, I finally finished the last episode. I was highly suspicious going into it, but I've fallen in love with this series as much as I loved the book. The casting could not have been done better and the writers clearly took time to capture the book's complete essence. Another piece that I loved was that it was rated MA on Hulu so they didn't have to try to tone down the cussing, smoking, or drinking in the book that plays such a major role in the commentary of the story and the character's lives. I'm honestly glad that this story waited long enough to find a home on a streaming service because that felt like the proper home for it. I loved that they had eight hours or so to explore all the best parts of the book to the fullest and add scenes that developed unexpected characters into my new favorites. Looking For Alaska is a rare adaptation that can stand both together and i