Looking For Alaska On Hulu

I finished Looking For Alaska on Hulu today. After binge watching the first 7 episodes at once, I finally finished the last episode. I was highly suspicious going into it, but I've fallen in love with this series as much as I loved the book. The casting could not have been done better and the writers clearly took time to capture the book's complete essence. Another piece that I loved was that it was rated MA on Hulu so they didn't have to try to tone down the cussing, smoking, or drinking in the book that plays such a major role in the commentary of the story and the character's lives. I'm honestly glad that this story waited long enough to find a home on a streaming service because that felt like the proper home for it. I loved that they had eight hours or so to explore all the best parts of the book to the fullest and add scenes that developed unexpected characters into my new favorites. Looking For Alaska is a rare adaptation that can stand both together and independent from its source material.
While these are just a cliff notes on my thoughts on the show, I did a full episode of my podcast, The Empathy Factor, on the show where I go full deep dive on the analysis. You can find all the places to listen to it and the transcript of the episode if you visit my website here: Here
Also, if you haven't read the book yet, I reviewed it a very, very long time ago, and while my reviewing style and voice has changed a lot (I noticed as I reread this) I'll paste in a link here if you're curious: Review Here
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