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Loveless YA Book Review

Loveless  by Alice Oseman Overview: Georgia is moving 300 miles to start university with her 2 best friends. She's looking forward to branching out and finally living her life since she hasn't had much of a "typical teen" experience. As the semester progresses, Georgia starts to delve into her friendships and her identity more. Overall: 4.5 Characters: 4  I really liked and connected to Georgia. She starts the book feeling lost and like she's been left behind by her peers. We share a lot of the same worries about not having had typical experiences or wondering if we're missing out. I think that's why I connected with her from the start. She's also anxious and weary of a lot of the same social events as I am. Georgia is also trying to figure out where she is on the sexuality spectrum. Her best friend is a lesbian and her roommate is pan, so Georgia is very open to that idea, but none of those labels feel right. This book is own voices for aromanti

Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy Blog Tour Spotlight

Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy  by Kelly Jensen Get a Copy! Today, I wanted to give some space on my blog to Kelly Jensen's new anthology, Body Talk.  On the heels of her last anthology that tackled mental health, Jensen is back with another honest, informative collection of essays that cover everything to do with your physical being- and the emotional repercussions that come from owning one. With contributors across the acting, writing, music, and modeling worlds, there are so many different voices that have something to say in this book. I love that the prospectives come from so many different people in the art world. Since we're all regular YA readers, there are a ton of familiar names including I.W. Gregorio ( This Is My Brain In Love ), Julie Murphy ( Dumplin' ), and Eric Smith . While I haven't gotten to read all of the essays, I've flipped through all of them. I was impressed by the range of topics covered in the 37 pieces. Many of the

Recommended For You YA Book Review

Recommended For You  by Laura Silverman Get a Copy!* Overview: Shoshanna's job at her local indie bookstore Once Upon isn't always fun, but the store is still her favorite place in the world. During the holiday season when it's extra busy, it's even more fun. That is until Jake shows up. He's the hot, new, teenage boy hire who isn't a reader and isn't particularly keen on listening to overly enthusiastic and sometimes bossy Shoshanna. Locked in a heated competition for the holiday bonus, Jake and Shoshanna are forced to up their bookselling game. Over the course of the week, though, they come to realize maybe they don't hate each other quite as much as they thought. Overall: 3.5 Characters: 3.5 Shoshanna is the main character, and you won't forget that. Her voice in this book is strong and all encompassing. Even though I didn't mesh with her doesn't mean her character wasn't well drawn. It was sort of masterful in a weird way. Shos