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book review: Happy Hour by Marlowe Granados

Happy Hour  by Marlowe Granados  Overview: Gala and Isa show up in New York City without a single plan. They do have a room they're subletting that they hardly have the funds to pay for, and Isa has a network throughout the city of people she's met on her travels and from her time living in London. The girls spend the summer trying to scrape by, making enough money under the table to pay rent and stay afloat in an unrelenting yet utterly glamorized city. Overall: 3.5 Characters: 3  The book is narrated from Isa's point of view with Gala as her coconspirator for most of the novel. It's hard to get under Isa's skin or inside her mind because, as we later find out, Isa has published the book we're reading straight from her diary. Even though this is meant to be a personal account, Isa holds herself at a distance from the reader and tries to give herself the appearance of someone intellectually superior and that she's this rouge who makes her way through the wor