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The Mother of All Things by Alexis Landau: book review

The Mother of All Things  by Alexis Landau Overview:  Ava is done with her life. Her teaching position at the college and her in-progress book are always put on the back burner to compensate for her husband's whims and continue caring for the children mostly alone. When he runs off to Bulgaria to film an independent movie, Ava stays behind in LA to finish the school year before taking the kids to Bulgaria to see if her marriage is worth saving. In Bulgaria, Ava reconnects with her past life in academia and starts taking unconventional steps to put herself first once again. Mother of All Things  attempts to make important points about the realities of being a woman and a mother in society today and how the progressive veneer simply excuses just how little has changed without fully executing on any of its promises. Overall: 3 Characters: 3 I had a really difficult time with this book for a lot of reasons, but the characters are a big part of that. It's hard to connect with Ava si

June 2024 Reading Wrap Up

June was a great reading month for me, not in a conventional sense. I only read 5 books this month, which will seem low if you regularly read my wrap-ups, but I had so much joy around books and reading this month that it feels like a major success. I've made weekly library trips, giving myself a constant rotation of new and exciting books. I even took a date to the library to get his library card since he was new to town! I should be employed by the library for how much I promote them, especially the summer reading challenges. I still haven't won any of the raffles, but I'm having a great time, clocking a ton of reading, taking extra library trips, and inspiring my own writing along the way. stats. June hit what seems to be my new average reading month. Since podcasts and music have currently displaced audiobooks in my life, my reading totals have sliced in half, and I'm consuming a lot less nonfiction. I'm totally okay with that because  I'm still reading a sim