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Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman: Romance Novel Review

Funny You Should Ask  by Elissa Sussman Overview:  Chani Horowitz writes for a celebrity focused online website. It's not an esteemed publication, but it (barely) pays the bills, and it sometimes lets her talk to cool people (like her longtime crush Gabe Parker). When she sets out on her interview with Gabe, it turns into not just a lunch to get content for her profile but a whirlwind weekend where Chani attends a movie premiere, a famous person house party, and ends up in an awkward but exciting position with her subject–all before running off into the night without a goodbye. The article that results makes Chani's career, but it comes with an unintended trade-off. The book follows Chani through that fated weekend as well as a parallel one ten years later.  Overall: 4 Characters: 4 Gabe and Chani are likable enough. There's a bit more depth that I crave from the side characters like Gabe, Ollie (Gabe's movie star best friend), and Chani's shitty sometimes ex, somet