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The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde: YA Book Review

The Brightsiders  by Jen Wilde  Overview: Being in one of the world's biggest bands at 17 is a lot to handle. With the paparazzi watching every single move, Emmy doesn't have any space to be a teen and make mistakes. After being in the car when her girlfriend gets a DUI, Emmy kicks of 6 weeks of trying to avoid scandals while falling for a fellow band member and fighting to keep her place in the band. Overall: 3.5  Characters: 3 Emmy is the drummer in the band, and she's the target of the media's attention. Even though Ry parties just as much as she does, she takes all the heat for it. With parents who seem to actively resent her, a girlfriend who's constantly demeaning, and a PR team more concerned with image than health and safety, Emmy doesn't have much of a support system. When she comes out as bi, it's seen as a PR stunt, and basically everything she does gets belittled. When she gets hurt in an accident caused by her drunk girlfriend choosing to drive,