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unconventional places to find book recommendations: Maisie Peters, Jensen McRae, Best Dressed, and Lexie Lombard

So you've exhausted the BookTok table at Barnes and Noble, and you're bored of BookTube because you've seen literally every video. Where do you turn to now to figure out what you should be reading (besides Reading, Writing, and Me and our bookstagram obviously)? Here's some out of the box recommendations for people to follow from beyond the book world who often offer their opinions on books woven into Instagrams that aren't steeped in the Bookstagram world. This is where I've been gathering most of my bookish inspiration lately, so it only feels fair to share. Maisie Peters  First up, we have musician and longtime book lover Maisie Peters. This is the closest I'm getting to sending you to a bookish influencer since Maisie has maintained an alternate Instagram page for years called the Maisie Peters Book Club. Occasionally hosting Instagram lives or Zooms with authors (the latest with Cleopatra and Frankenstein  author Coco Mellors), she also issues a monthly

Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory by Raphael Bob-Waksberg: Short Story Collection Book Review

  Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory  by Raphael Bob-Waksberg  Buy the Book via Bookshop!* this post uses affiliate links which means I get a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you! learn more here . Overall: 3.5 I have a hard time synthesizing my thoughts on this collection because, like all short story collections, there are some I really enjoyed and some that I didn't. If you're a fan of Bojack Horseman, you'll likely want to pick this up because it was written by the show's creator. Though I've never seen the show, it seems to carry the same surrealist sensibility as many of these stories have strange quirks that warp reality as well. Some of these are entertaining and thought provoking and others are ones I could've skipped that took the bit to a tiring point.  The point of the collection, as hinted at by the title, is telling stories about love from a variety of different angles. The title is utterly brilliant, and there'