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Past Perfect Life

Past Perfect Life  by Elizabeth Eulberg (July 9) Overview: Ally Smith has lived for almost her entire life in Wisconsin. She briefly remembers living in Chicago, but it's always been just her and her dad. She's made a life in the town and become almost family with the Gleasons who basically own the town. Her perfect life is shattered, though, when an error with her social security number on her college applications alerts the FBI that she's actually a missing person. Overall: 4.5  Characters: 5 Ally is an awesome main character. Her voice and handling of emotions is so relatable, and I love how articulate she is. The emotional hurdles she jumps through are so shocking, but she makes them make sense. It's almost like a reverse savior situation she finds herself in as she's taken from her "perfect" life and dropped into one that looks much more "perfect" from the outside. The Gleasons are great additions too. They're her best friends and

What's Coming Up In July

July is one of the most exciting months of the year. It's right in the middle of summer, there's 4th of July which promises fun barbecues or a beach trip, and it's my birthday month. Also, there are tons of amazing books coming out this month. I'm going to tell you about a few of them that I'll get to feature over the course of the month. Past Perfect Life Not giving too much away, but I read this book in a single day. Elizabeth Eulberg has written a masterpiece in this intense story that delves into the world of a girl who's found out that her entire life isn't the full story of her past.  The Best Lies and Interview with Sarah Lyu Another breathtaking single day read, this twisty thriller is perfect for people who love unreliable narrators and alternating timelines. This book will blow your mind. I'm so excited that I get to discuss it with Sarah and learn some more about how it came to be.  Please Send Help College YA is my jam, so

Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak Review

A Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak  by Adits Alsaid  Overview: Lu needs to write a column or she's going to lose her NYU scholarship. If she can't produce content, she'll lose her job with a trendy online magazine, and her life will unravel. The only problem is that she's felt blocked since her break up with her boyfriend, Leo. When she stumbles upon a teen couple having a dramatic break up fight, she becomes obsessed with them and decides to use them as inspiration for the column. Overall: 3.5 Characters: 4 Lu is sweet, well meaning, and endearing, but she's also a little annoying. She makes everything a bigger problem then it really is and throws her life into flames over some strange feelings. Her best friend Pete is a pretty standard quirky best friend, but he adds a bit of sanity to the storyline that I appreciated. Outside of that, there's Cal and Iris who are the ideal couple in Lu's eyes as they navigate their post senior year tran