Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak Review

A Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak by Adits Alsaid 
Overview: Lu needs to write a column or she's going to lose her NYU scholarship. If she can't produce content, she'll lose her job with a trendy online magazine, and her life will unravel. The only problem is that she's felt blocked since her break up with her boyfriend, Leo. When she stumbles upon a teen couple having a dramatic break up fight, she becomes obsessed with them and decides to use them as inspiration for the column. Overall: 3.5

Characters: 4 Lu is sweet, well meaning, and endearing, but she's also a little annoying. She makes everything a bigger problem then it really is and throws her life into flames over some strange feelings. Her best friend Pete is a pretty standard quirky best friend, but he adds a bit of sanity to the storyline that I appreciated.
Outside of that, there's Cal and Iris who are the ideal couple in Lu's eyes as they navigate their post senior year transition into a longterm relationship. Cal is portrayed as charming and larger than life which is fun to read even if it feels a bit tired, and Iris is viewed as the perfect girl.

Plot: 3 I'm a little disappointed with how the plot panned out. While it's supposed to be chronicling Lu's issues with writer's block and heartbreak it turns into a confusing, scattered story. Lu never really articulates her writer's block well, and, considering Pete is constantly feeding her ideas, it's a bit overdramatic to throw a scholarship away over writing a single page.
The romance in the story is also super hard to follow. None of the characters or connections are deep or explored enough to really connect with or start rooting for a couple. It was also incredibly hard to figure out who even liked each other at all.

Writing: 3 Like I mentioned above, it was difficult to figure out what was going on in the book or what was really the point, and the conflict and drama was so self inflicted I found it hard to by sympathetic. The other issue I had was the super long paragraphs that are constant. I found myself skimming over giant chunks to find bits and pieces of dialogue to keep pushing through the story.

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