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Into YA with Gordon Jack

After I read the ARC of Your Own Worst Enemy, I got the chance to chat with author and high school librarian Gordon Jack about his sophomore novel, what he's learned, and how teens can get involved in politics both in their high school and their country.

1. Your Own Worst Enemy is full of diverse, humorous characters competing for the class president role. What inspired you to write a book about high school politics?
My editor suggested I write about a class election. At first, I didn’t want to because class elections, at least at my school, are kinda boring. Only a few people run and there’s never really much drama. So, I submitted a different novel to my editor and she hated it and that’s when I had an epiphany: I should write about a class election! The trick, I found, was to make the teens as competitive and immoral as some of our politicians. Once I did that, the writing got way more interesting. I had a lot of fun satirizing all the dirty tricks people play to get elected and…

Your Own Worst Enemy

Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordon Jack (448 pages)
Overview: Stacey is going to be class president. It doesn't matter that two more candidates just threw their hat into the ring. She's been in student government since freshman year. She's running on a recycling program, her best friend, Brian is running her campaign. Obviously, she's perfect for the job. But Julia, the new student from Canada, and Brians new crush, might pose a real threat. She's made powerful alliances as she advocates from the school's minorities, and she's running on a no homework platform. She's different. And then there's Tony who's swept the freshman vote. He doesn't even want to win. He just wants chocolate milk back in the classroom. Overall: 4 

Characters: 4 I enjoyed reading about all the characters. Like the plot, they're all a bit larger than life, but they're compelling as well. Stacy has a thirst for power because she thinks that's her destiny. Her paren…

Creativity and the Ed Sheeran Concert.

Last night, I had the chance to see Ed Sheeran perform. I've been a fan of Sheeran's since my mom started playing his first album around the house before he really cracked the radio. My mom isn't on the cutting edge of music, but she had the right feeling about Ed, and we've been waiting to see a show since.
I've watched the movie on Apple Music, and I know the albums backwards and forwards, so needless to say, I had high expectations. They were all met. He took the stage with a smile and explained his loop pedal and how he is able to achieve all of the layering in his songs completely live, completely alone. His stage is tiny, yet made for the way he moves around it. It's unbelievable that one man can entertain a stadium full of people as well as a massive artist with three backup singers and a squad of dancers. His vocals and instrumentals were on point, and he exploded with life as he flew around the stage jumping up and down the layers of his stage.
While I…