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what I'm reading over winter break: library book haul part 1

It's officially winter break, I'm back home all cozy watching the snow fall outside, and I'm ready to fill my days with endless reading. I've been reunited with my very favorite library, so I'm definitely making the most of it. I placed an absurd number of holds, but this list just features the first 9 that came in. I'm not sure where to dive in first, but I'm so excited to catch up on reading again and get up to date with this new world of books written for adults that I'm finally finding my place in. I have those giddy feelings of when I first aged into YA and it suddenly felt like a whole new world had opened up all over again.  The Idiot  by Elif Batuman  I  picked up this book for the first time over the summer from the library. I got through about 100 pages  before I had to return it, and I felt relatively indifferent. But after rereading Sally Rooney this fall and connecting with it in a way I never had before, I figured it was worth picking this