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book review: Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson

P ineapple Street  by Jenny Jackson Overview: The Stockton family has long called the fruit streets of Brooklyn home, and even as their children grew up and moved out, they stayed nearby. Pineapple Street  looks at a period in the wealthy family's life from three distinct perspectives. We experience the events of the story through youngest daughter, Georgiana, who's in her early twenties and the baby of the family, Darley, the oldest of the daughters, and Sasha, the brother's new wife who sees all the happenings of the Stockton's lavish lifestyle as a bewildered outsider. Overall: 5 Characters: 5 While we only have 3 point of view characters, all of the Stocktons get rich portraits drawn over the course of the book. Having these three different vantage points is also what makes the story so fascinating. It seems intentional and is impactful that Jackson chose to tell the story through the points of view of the three younger women in the family, and they do exhibit the m