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Weekly Reviews and Recommendations: Week 36 (Part 1)

Suffer Love  by Ashley Herring Blake (344 pages) Overview: Sam and Hadley should have never met. After Sam's mother and Hadely's father's secret affair is uncovered, their families are torn apart. Bother families move after the divide, and Hadley and Sam only know each other vaguely as the other child from the other family, until they both come back to a suburb outside of Nashville and start high school together. When they're put together on a group Shakespeare project, their friendship, and later romance, starts to develop, though only Sam knows about their connection before he arrived at the school. Will their families pasts be too much to overcome? This Romeo and Juliet inspired romance novel makes for an interesting story about love, loss, and healing. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 I enjoyed all of the main characters, Livey, Sam, and Hadley. They all seemed realistic and fit well with the story. Their development and evolution showed a natural progression that