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Beyond High School YA: From Senior Stress To College and More

As you read this, I will likely be sitting in a testing room taking the SAT. Or, if you're reading this later in the week, I might be in an AP exam. As my senior year winds down, I'm doing the last unfortunate bits on the road to college. It's made me reflect on some of the books that I've read before and during this experience that has allowed me to see myself and learn what to expect, something I've always looked to books to do. I hope you enjoy the list, and, as a little disclaimer, I added purchase links of Indie Bound that are affiliate links simply for your ease. I may get a small commission if you choose to purchase. And if you know of any college set or college themed YA, please let me know on social media or in the comments below. I'm always on the lookout! Getting In To College You Asked For Perfect To Purchase I have not read a book that more accurately encompasses all the pressures, stress, and ridiculous aspects of senior year and gett

Into YA with L.D. Critchon

All Our Broken Pieces  is one of my favorite books of the year! I'm so excited to get to talk to L.D. about the book and her unique path to publishing. If you haven't already, I recommend you go ahead and  read my review so you have some context, and if you'd like to purchase the book , you can use my link here.  1. Since All Our Broken Pieces is your YA debut but not your official debut book, I’m wondering about its beginning and publication process. Why did you decide to write a YA story. What was its road to publication like? Did already having another book, even though its in a different genre, influence your path? I love this question! It’s not technically my official debut but it is in a way because it will be the first time I’m ever able to physically hold a paper copy of one of my books in my hands, and who doesn’t dream of that? I still need to pinch myself some days to remember that this is real!   My writing history involves starting to publicly share

All Our Broken Pieces

All Our Broken Pieces  by L.D. Crichton (May 7) To Purchase from Your Local Bookstore (Affiliate Link) Overview: Lennon is taking over Bel-Air... well, not really. Lennon is forced to move in with her dad and step mom after her mom passes away. The traumatic event has brought Lennon's OCD out in full force, and all the change isn't helping the matter. Then she meets her neighbor, Kyler, the boy who was handsome, or so everyone in the neighborhood says. The left side of his face is scared from a house fire when he was a child. Kyler hides his scars with hoodies while Lennon tries to keep her tapping and other compulsions from people's notice. That is, until, they find each other. Overall: 5  Characters: 5 I am so in love with Kyler and Lennon! Kyler is like the ultimate book boyfriend. He's a musician (that writes amazing lyrics!), hot, blunt, somewhat broody/mysterious, and an outsider. He's also the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Even though Kyler some

What's Coming Up In May

I wantend to catch all of you up on all the exciting posts that are coming out in May. I'm putting out five different Into YA interviews as well as a guest post, which I think is the most I've ever published in a month. I'm getting to chat with some of my favorite authors about some amazing books that I hope you're all looking forward to as well. Along with these special posts, I'll have some featured ARC reviews, my Saturday Discussion, which I hope you're enjoying, and my usual Sunday review. Let me know in the comments if you're looking forward to any of these or have suggestions! All Our Broken Pieces I'm so excited to get to share more about this amazing book! It is a wonderful, compelling, and well written love story with fashion design and music. It also features some of the best OCD representation I've ever read! I'll be posting my review May 1st and posting my interview with L.D. Crichton on May 3rd.  How It Feels To Float

Ship It Review

Design by Marcii Senders Art by Andrew Rae Ship It  by Britta Lundin (375 pages) To Purchase From Your Local Bookstore (Affiliate Link) Overview: Claire loves the TV show Demon Heart , so when she learns they're coming to comic-con in Boise, she can barely contain her excitement. Once at the panel, she decides to use her chance at the mic to try to push the showrunner into making her favorite ship cannon. Claire's written Smokeheart fan fiction since the show came on the air, but it's no longer enough to read hers and other's reimagination of the show. She wants it to be real. Forest Reed does not love Demon Heart , but he is contractually obligated to be at comic con in Boise. He is contractually obligated to pretend to love Demon Heart  because he's half of the show's lead. Smokie is his first role outside of a Honda commercial, and he needs it to launch his career. That means Smokeheart becoming cannon is definitely not in the cards, and, when he say