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Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney Book Review

Beautiful World, Where Are You  by Sally Rooney Overall: 3 Sally Rooney's return is marked by a major shift in style. I've never been a huge fan of Rooney's books, but I find myself continually picking them up none the less. Her breakthrough book, Normal People , and her debut,  Conversations With Friends ,  (currently becoming a mini series ) shared many common style threads that are totally absent in her latest novel, Beautiful World Where Are You,  that came after a 3 year break.  While I'd struggled with Rooney's books being a bit flat on the character development front, they'd always been super quick reads, especially as far as books in the literary fiction genre go. I imagine that's what helped stoke the popularity of her books.  This time, Rooney slows it down and truly sinks into the worlds of four characters, from two points of view, taking her time to allow the audience to fully explore their minds. Split between two estranged friends' stories,