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YA book review: Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads To You  by Nina LaCour Overview: Emi has grown up in LA and, particularly, swept up in the business of Hollywood. Her dad is a professor of pop culture at UCLA and her brother got her internships throughout high school on film lots. The movies are her passion and soon to be her career. This is how Emi and her best friend Charlotte stumble into a massive Hollywood mystery when they discover a forgotten letter at an estate sale for one of Hollywoods most beloved old school actors. Part mystery, part coming of age in the bright lights of LA story, it's a quiet novel that's also impossible to put down. Overall: 4  Characters: 4  Emi is smart, driven, and well meaning. She doesn't seem to quite register the advantages she's been given from her family and connections with getting into the world of the movies, but she's sweet and genuine in a way you're hopeful she'll succeed as she tries to elevate her career. Her supportive family makes up her se