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Coming Up This Month: September 2017

Hello, everyone! August turned out to be a pretty crazy month! I started school, saw an eclipse, and lived through one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in US history. I'm hoping that September might be a bit more calm, but what will not be slowing down is the blog and my effort to make it the very best it can be. After seven months of blogging, I'm getting a better feel for the best ways to deliver content to all of you and exploring more ideas for new content.  Recently, I changed the format for my Weekly Review posts to still give you two reviews a week, but publish them on Wednesdays and Sundays. I think this is the superior format, but what do you think? Also, I hope your following me on social media because that's a great place to find out about what's coming and get some behind the scenes extras. On Monday's I give an overview of the week ahead on Instagram and Twitter, and I commonly give first looks on Twitter about my upcoming articles and books I lov

Weekly Reviews and Recommendations: Week 24 Part 1

Hello, everyone! It's been a crazy couple of days, but I'm so glad I was able to keep bringing you posts through all of it. Writing (and reading) has been a great distraction. Yesterday, I posted my review of Sunshine Is Forever  by Kyle T. Cowan which also had a book birthday yesterday! Look down below to find a link to this article in case you missed it along with a few other exciting announcements. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get a first look at the articles coming to you for the week! This week, since the blog grows so much every week, I'm sharing a review I posted a little while back for Dream Things True  by Marie Marquardt. As much as I love brining you all fresh content, and I won't be reposting again for a long time, I thought that now would be a good time to share this so if you missed it the first time around you can enjoy it now, and if you did see it, perhaps you've read it since the last post and can now compare your

Spotlight New Releases: Sunshine Is Forever

Hello, everyone! Today's is a very special post for me as I am reviewing my first ARC (more on that at the bottom). I was intrigued by the summary of Sunshine Is Forever  from the second I read it, and I am now so excited to get to share my review of this amazing view into depression and the motives behind self harm and suicide. The impactful story is one I place up with many of my favorite books that tackle mental illness. It also features a male protagonist with a great voice, which we honestly don't see enough of in YA. Anyway, without further ado, to celebrate Sunshine Is Forever 's publication, I am bringing you my full review of this new YA mental health fiction novel from a new author to the world of YA. Sunshine Is Forever  by Kyle T. Cowan *Trigger warning specifically for self harm and suicide* Overview:  Hunter suffers from depression. While he's dealt with it his whole life through ineffective therapy and medication, his condition is worsened by the

Reading Reviews and Recommendations: Week 23 Part 2

Hello, everyone! I know this post is earlier than usual, but I don't know how long the power will stay on. The flooding has hit us all hard, and it has gotten scary here, watching backyards, garages, and the entire front yard fill with water. I'm thinking that I will end up writing something about this that I will share. Anyway, this week I'm bringing you a new Standout Book to round out the week. This is a really wonderful story all about prospective and the potential end of the world which is fitting for how the world feels right now for this natural disaster.  If you are with me in the flooded area, please try your best to stay safe, though as we know, it's in none of our control.  We All Looked Up  by Tommy Wallach (370 pages) Overview:  The students of Hamilton High lived normal high school lives until the day they found out about the astroid Ardor. Until they learned there was only two months to live. Then everything changed. Their school is taken over