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book review: The New Me by Halle Butler

The New Me  by Halle Butler Overview: Millie hasn't been the most success at transitioning to adult life. She's struggled to hold down a job, getting placed by temp agencies but never landing a full time job. But this new position as the receptionist's assistant at an interior design firm might finally be the answer. Unfortunately, Millie isn't in the best place and Karen, her supervisor, is out to fire her from the start. This is how Millie navigates her new office environment and learns a bit about growing up along the way. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 There's not a character you're probably going to love  in this book, but that doesn't mean they're not interesting. Butler seems to have a fascination with the worst or most unfortunate aspects of people's personalities and how they play out in day to day life. Millie starts off seeming quite abrasive in her almost hostile negative attitude towards life and all of its most minute details. While there'