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Wellness by Nathan Hill: book review

Wellness  by Nathan Hill Overview: Jack and Elizabeth are soulmates. Or that's how it felt when they met in their early 20s in Wicker Park. She's a directionless, wide-eyed college student, and he's an artist who secretly wants acceptance from his art school peers. Jack and Elizabeth get married, have a kid, and become middle aged people. Along the way, that fated feeling fades. Their jobs grow more tedious, their time is pulled in more directions, and there's expectations of who they're supposed to be as fully formed adults. There's also plenty of history that they haven't shared with one another, gaps in their intimate knowledge  that would explain everything. It is the reader, though, that gets the privilege of experiencing the full patchwork of who Jack and Elizabeth are now and who they were through every life stage. Overall: 5  Characters: 5 I'm someone who loves deeply explored characters, and that's what this book is for 600 pages. Which migh