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Review and Collaboration Policy

Updated as of October 2021: Brand Collaborations: If you have a bookish brand, I would love to work with you to promote your product! I absolutely love book boxes, book clubs, stationary, enamel pins, and I know my readers will love them too. Send a pitch and let me know about your brand to  where we can work out the details. I can't wait to hear from you!  Review Pitches: I am no longer able to reply to every review request I receive because the volume is too high. I'm sorry! I do read every request I get, but if you don't hear back within 2 weeks, please consider it a pass. Because of the limited time I have to read these days, I prioritize books from major publishing houses that will be most accessible to my readers, but if you have a YA or adult age category book in contemporary fiction, nonfiction, or romance, you can send a pitch to the blog's email . For best results, please familiarize yourself with the

Weekly Review and Recommendations: Week 7

The beautiful chaos between organization bouts. Thank you finals. Hey guys! This week I only got around to two books (sorry), but I've had a busy week. This week looks like it's gonna be busy again, so I'm not going to push myself to finish my current read tonight. But that means I can guarantee at least one great book next week: Eleanor and Park  by Rainbow Rowe. Not only have I heard great things about this title, I'm halfway through and so impressed. As for my books this week, I had one good read and one not so much. It was unfortunate, but you have to read a few every once and a while. Enjoy! Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone ( ) Overview: Every Last Word is the story of Samantha McAlister member of the popular group The Crazy Eights. But things with the popular girls are starting t