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Into YA with Candace Ganger

Today I'm chatting with Candance Ganger as a part of the blog tour for Six Goodbyes We Never Said . I reviewed it on Wednesday,  so if you missed that I'll link it so that you can learn more about the book. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 1.You've built a story based around two points of view, Dew and Naima's. Their voices are both extremely unique. How did you get in touch with their different voices, and what made you want to tell the story from both their points of view?  Thank you! They're based on different pieces of me from various stages of my life. Sort of the dark and the light in different contexts. Six Goodbyes was originally only Naima, but as the story evolved, it became apparent Dew needed his own arc. My editor is the one who suggested the addition. Without her, I'd still be waffling on what lip color Naima should wear.  2. You beautifully communicate Naiinia and Dew's struggles will mental illness, including PTSD and OCD along with h

Six Goodbyes We Never Said

Six Goodbyes We Never Said  by Candace Ganger Overview: Naima struggles with OCD, PTSD, and GAD as well as her father's death overseas while serving in the army. It's extra painful because it happened on a tour he was never supposed to be on, on a date he was already supposed to be home celebrating Naima's 17th birthday. She goes to spend the summer in her dad's hometown with her grandparent's, processing her grief and struggles. Dew is adopted and has recently moved to his new town with his new family. He's still stuck in his parent's loss, and the loss has triggered a deep social anxiety that he has to learn to overcome. The two neighbors have to overcome deep hurtles to meet each other and start healing together. Overall: 3.5 Characters: 4 Overall, I did like Naima and Dew. Naima struggles with a lot of mental illness issues on top of her complicated grief and resentment towards her dad. They were super close, but, over the last year, Naima had cut