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Housekeeping: Content Policy & Affiliate Link Policy

Housekeeping  on copyright: It is not okay to ever copy and paste from my site my site, or try to pass off my work as your own. All work on this sight is fully copyrighted and my intellectual property. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The content on the site is meant to be shared and enjoyed, but please give proper credit when sharing by linking back to the original post on the blog or to my Instagram photos. Finally, if you have a question about sharing, promoting, or using any of my words, feel free to contact me for further clarification at .  on affiliate links: Reading, Writing, and Me has occasionally used affiliate links. Links to are all affiliate links, and this is noted in the original posts. Affiliate links cause no extra charge to you while the blog might get a small commission for your use of the link. 

Standout Book: All The Bright Places

When I picked up All The Brightest Places, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I nearly skipped putting it on my reading list, but I’m glad I decided to grab it. This story has become one of my favorite books because it checks off all the boxes in my top three important categories- plot, characters, and overall writing quality. I’m usually satisfied if a book can nail two.  The basis of the storyline is that Violet and Finch meet on top of the school bell tower. They are both on the edge because of traumatic issues that consume their lives. While neither of them are serious about jumping that day, it opens a dialogue that grows into friendship over the course of a school project that requires the pair to see the highlights of Indiana. Through the silly stops and random places, they get to know each other, and, through that, start to heal.  So, Box 1- the Characters: One word. AMAZING! The book is told in split POV between Violet and Finch (more on that later). With Finch, the

About My Blog

Hello everyone! I thought for my first post, I would share a bit about me, why I started the blog, and what the main focus will be. Reading and writing are my two greatest passions, and, besides school, what I spend most of my time doing. I've been devouring books since the third grade at an insatiable pace, so clearly, I've read a lot of books. After conquering, it seems, nearly every Middle Grade novel, I became a teenager and found the whole new world of YA. Finding books has always been the tricky part for me. I always had trouble finding interesting books that met my reading need at a content level that was appropriate. The older I get, the easier it is, but I always wished that I could find a place with honest reviews and recommendations from kids my age. That's what inspired the Reading portion of my blog. The writing came from my passion for the craft. I aspire to be a published novelist one day, but right now, I write plenty of short stories to submit to contests a