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Weekly Reviews and Recommendations: Week 6

In honor of World Book Day, here is a (very) small portion of my print books. I still haven't fully bounced back from my late reading last week, so, unfortunately, I only finished one book between Thursday and Sunday. I'm about halfway through Every Last Word , and I'll probably finish it tonight, but I'm saving it for next week's as a reset. Also, with finals in two weeks and a performance next week, school is going to get a bit crazy, so I can't promise many books. I will finish at least one though. While I don't have much to show for this week on the reading front, I posted two other articles on the blog under my two other categories. To celebrate National Poetry Month, I posted a few poems ( ) as well as an article on my thoughts on all the social media out there entitled "Which Social Media Sights are Worth It?" (

Which Social Media Sights are Worth It?

Hello, everybody! Today I've decided to write an article about my experiences with different social media sights, a bit about what each does, and the pros and cons of each. So without further ado: Twitter: 4.5 I'd have to say that Twitter is one of my favorite sights, granted, I don't use it in the most traditional way. I use Twitter mostly to follow my favorite authors, publishing houses, and YA blogs to keep up to date on new releases and projects. I also check out what's trending every now and again out of curiosity. Of the people I know, this seems to be the least popular social account (even including Facebook which surprised me). This is fine by me. It's a nice break to come to what I've cultivated into a world of books.  As for posting on Twitter, I mainly like and retweet things on my personal account. Admittedly, I might chime in on Dancing With The Stars conversation every once and a while, but I tend to just absorb the content already up th