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September 2021 Reading Recap: Celeste Ng, Emily Henry, Margot Wood, and More

Happy Fall finally! Fall in LA definitely looks different than the fall I'm used to (I miss the pretty trees!), but it's still a cozy reading season. September was definitely not cozy and was a full extension of summer. Even as I got into the swing of school, I still managed to have a better reading month than August, which was technically less busy. I finished 5 books this month, which I'm actually quite proud of considering how much reading I've done from textbooks and for classes all month. Over the course of the month, I made a trip to a couple bookstores where I exercised (some) restraint in how many books I bought. I also really learned to take advantage of the LA public library's E-Library card that means that I can access their entire catalogue without ever having been to a library branch (I would love to go, but all the branches are way too far away from me to get to). All my library holds came in at once, so I need to keep up the momentum through October.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry: Romance Review

People We Meet on Vacation  by Emily Henry Bookshop Affiliate Link Overview: Poppy and Alex have been taking summer trips since college. They started as dirt cheap trips around North America on their shoestring college budgets that Poppy chronicled on her budget traveling blog. Over a series of ten summers, Poppy's blog grew enough to land her a staff writing job at the elite travel magazine, R+R , and the trips got increasingly fancy to match. Still, regardless of if they were staying in a five star hotel or a cheap Airbnb, what mattered is that the two best friends were getting to spend a week together after their adult lives had pulled them in totally separate directions. Now, after a year of not speaking, Poppy is determined to fix things with one more summer trip. Overall: 4  Shout out to Nicole Rafiee who convinced me to pick up this book because she loved it so much. Here's her recent video of book recommendations that tend to trend towards romance.  Characters: 4 I enj