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The Last Bookstore Book Haul: Modern Fiction, Nonfiction, and Romance

Last week, I took myself on a date to the bookstore, which was long overdue. My mission yesterday felt twofold. For one, I'd been severely neglecting the privilege of living so close to an indie bookstore for the first time in my life, and I needed to remedy that. I also wanted to surround myself with books again and be reminded of what's at the end of the drafting, editing, and revising process. I've looked at books in such a piecemeal way for so many years now as a blogger who needs to keep up on releases and reviews, a writer piecing together words in the hopes they'd one day become a physical object people could purchase and enjoy, and then also, for a time, as a bookseller. It honestly took me a while after my time in the bookstore ended to detach enough from the mechanics of working in a bookstore to enjoy them once again.  I got to experience the pure, genuine joy of books for the first time in a while yesterday as I got lost between the towering shelves. The Las