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Spotlight New Release: The Short History of the Girl Next Door

Hello, everyone! Today I have a very special early look at A Short History of The Girl Next Door  by Jared Reck for you. I'm so excited that I had the chance to read this awesome book early thanks to Random House and NetGalley. It's available for preorder now, and it officially comes out on September 26. A Short History of the Girl Next Door  by Jared Reck Overview: Matt is starting his freshman year of high school with his sights set on two things: working his butt off at basketball to make it on varsity for his sophomore year and possibly developing his lifelong friendship with his neighbor Tabby into something more. As the world of high school starts to pull them further apart, Matt and Tabby always have each other to return to even when Tabby starts dating senior, Liam Branson, and Matt starts to put up defensive walls. That is, until, they don't, and Matt must grapple with grief and putting a world that has become miserably blurry back in focus. Overall: 5 

Weekly Reviews and Recommendations: Week 27 Part 1

Hello, everyone! This week I have two early summer releases to share my thoughts on. These books where ones I couldn't wait to get my hands on, and they didn't disappoint. As you can see in the picture below, the second book this week will be Definitions of Indefinable Things . These were both good reads with similar themes. Later this week, I will also be posting an early review of A Short History of the Girl Ne xt Door  by Jared Reck on Friday! The Upside of Unrequited  by Becky Albertalli (340 pages) Overview:  This is one of those books where the summary really doesn't do it justice. While a combination of the hype and the summary got me in the door, it focused to heavily on one small part of this book that had many more compelling themes at its heart. There is quite a bit of conflict about never having had a boyfriend and putting herself out there, I found the parts I enjoyed the book because of the storylines drawn from growing up and a fear of the changes

Weekly Reviews Recommendations: Week 26 Part 2

Hello, everyone! This week I'm brining you another standout book that examines perspective in a really interesting and important way. You can read more about that below as well as find the link to Part 1 of this weeks reviews for The Smell of Other People's Houses  and our social media and contact information to find more ways to connect, get updates about new articles, and give feedback. I had planned on posting an article Friday, but some really crazy and upsetting things happened towards the end of the week, and that sort of fell to the wayside. While I'd still love to write the planned post, what those events did do was push me back towards one of my old favorites, Looking For Alaska . While I've never been a fan of rereading books, this one provided a comfort for when I couldn't pick up anything else and served both as a distraction and a way to work through my feelings. It also gave me a chance to highlight and annotate some of the best parts, and now I'