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Mother Doll by Katya Apekina: book review

Mother Doll  by Katya Apekina  Overview:  Zhenia has a lot of problems. Her marriage is stale and exists more for convenience than love. Add to that the realization that she's pregnant–when neither of them wanted kids. But as her grandmother slowly dies across the country and Zhenia feels adrift, she's tempted to keep the baby. Then, she gets a call from a medium named Paul who says he's channeling her great-grandmother who needs to tell her an important story about her coming of age during the revolution in Russia to be able to release her soul. Zhenia decides to accept the message and the baby, her life suddenly unfurling at once. Overall: 5 Characters: 5 This book is brilliantly written, and that means the characters are great. They all just feel so deeply real–flawed, tangible, messy, wonderful. Apekina isn't shy about sharing the parts of these characters that society wouldn't stand behind. Zhenia has cheated on her husband throughout their marriage with a man