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Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Erin Hahn: YA ARC review

Even If It Breaks Your Heart  by Erin Hahn  A big thanks to Wednesday Books for sending me an e-ARC of this book for review purposes. My thoughts are all my own. Overview: Case has lost his best friend and, with that, some of his purpose. Walker was his partner in crime at the rodeo where they were two promising young bull riders. But when Walker passes away due to his terminal illness, Case has to figure out how to face life alone. Winnie is barely holding the world together. After graduating high school early and getting a job on Case's family ranch to help support her family, she's burning out at 19 from all the responsibility. She's an undeniable talent on a horse, but what no one seems to understand is that Winnie doesn't have the same luxuries of choice that others do. Eventually, though, Winnie will have to figure out what she'd do with her dreams if given the chance. When Winnie and Case's paths intersect, they immediately recognize they have plenty of l

January Reading Check-In 2024: Already Changing My Reading Goals

You know how when you do things for a few months or maybe even a year, you find a reliable pattern and settle in. You make big pronouncements: This is just how I am now. And then things change again! This is me admitting that I spent most of January reading one and only one fiction book and no audiobooks, which is a stark change from the stats that I rolled out to you in my 2023 round up where I regularly read 17 books in a month.  This is a more dramatic portrait than the actual reality, but right now, it feels  like I only read one book this month. So far in 2024, I have, in fact, read 9 books (as of January 25th and that's not even counting that one fiction book I've spent all month reading and will hopefully finish before the 31st). The thing is, I read all 9 of these in the week I was at home in January (or at least finished them after reading the majority of it in 2023). Then I downloaded Nathan Hill's extremely long debut novel The Nix  on my Kindle and started readi