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April 2024 Reading Wrap Up

April has been truly the world's longest month, but it has also not been particularly fruitful when it comes to reading. My life has turned into an absolute whirlwind, and not the kind where I just want to dive into a book. This month has been devoted to getting ahead on finishing classes, doing the first major chunk of my move out of LA, flying back home and starting work again, launching my freelancing career, and studying for finals. I've spent most of the month anxious, working through logistics, or devoting myself to school projects, so reading has been difficult. My brain feels too full to take in other people's words. Instead, I've been turning to music (shout out Alexander 23 and Taylor's brand new album and The 1975) to fill my time instead. That seems to be the way my brain wants to digest stories and escape at the moment. I've also been spending way too much time on the internet, unfortunately. As it tends to go, though, while this was a dud reading m

The Book of Ayn by Lexi Freiman: book review

The Book of Ayn  by Lexi Freiman  Overview: Anna's book was panned by the New York Times, and she got cancelled. Feeling lost, flustered, and alone, she falls into the philosophy and books of Ayn Rand and clings onto these ideas as a means of healing. She decides to write a book and then a television show about Rand as she endeavors to live in a Randian fashion. From New York to LA to Greece, Anna can't quite get a foothold on figuring out life. Overall: 2.5 Characters: 3 Anna is funny and sharp and absurd for most of the book. She isn't a likable character, but she is interesting. The whole point of her existence is to live patterned off the classic image of a male artist or celebrity living selfishly and dating young men in the fashion that male celebs always go for nearly teenage girls while they're in middle age. She has good lines and observations that make you want to follow along on her downward spiral. There's a certain amount of care for Anna you develop at