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Funny Story by Emily Henry: book review

Funny Story  by Emily Henry Overview: Daphne and Peter were supposed to get married. That is until he finally decides to fall for his childhood best friend, Petra, at his bachelor party and calls off the whole wedding. He also kicks Daphne out of the new house they just moved into. So Daphne lands in an apartment with Petra's ex-boyfriend who was also newly in need of a roommate. So, while Daphne's perfect romance gets ruined, a new meet cute begins with her accidental roommate, meaning that her new couple-story will always start with, "It's kind of a funny story." Overall: 4 Characters: 4 I like Daphne and Miles. I don't feel super connected to them, like I did with the cast of Book Lovers , but I wanted to see them happy in the end. Because every Emily Henry book has to revolve around a woman with a bookish career, Daphne is a children's librarian who newly moved to Michigan for her ex-fiance. She loves her job but has no other connections to the town, s