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They Wish They Were Us Adaption & Halsey's Acting in it?!

  Hi, everyone! There's no new blog post here today (I know I've been posting three days a week lately and you might have been waiting for it), but that's because my book and music worlds collided yesterday with the announcement of They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman (one of Penguin Teen's new August titles) getting adapted into a TV series staring Halsey! Halsey is making her acting debut in the series alongside Sidney Sweeney, who you might recognize from Euphoria. I wrote a ton about it in that post including more info on the book and the TV project, who's involved, my thoughts on the adaption, and a bit of me marveling at how Halsey manages to do EVERYTHING. She's truly amazing, and there's a reason she's one of my favorite artists. Click the link here to read the post on Music, Musings, and Me , and I hope you'll stay on the site and click around for a bit! I've been having such a fun time flexing my music writing muscle there. Make su

The Summer of Everything YA Book Review

  The Summer of Everything  by Julian Winters  Want a Copy Right Now? Use my Bookshop link to support the blog! Here. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC so I could share my honest thoughts with all of you! Overview: Wes doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. He has an acceptance letter to UCLA, but he's not sure what he wants to do with that. He loves working at Once Upon a Page, the indie bookstore he's worked at for a number of years. It's the perfect chill job where he's surrounded by comic books and all his friends. When it seems like Once Upon is going to close and his best friend/crush Nico is getting ready to move all the way to Stanford, Wes feels like his entire life is falling apart. He doesn't know what the next step is, but he's going to fight to keep the bookstore (and a bit of his childhood) alive for as long as possible. Overall: 4 Characters: 4 Wes isn't totally lost. He loves what he's doing right now, b

Spotify Book Tag

Today, I'm doing a book tag. I haven't done a ton of these yet, but I came across this one on Twitter when Santana shared their version of it, and  I got inspired to do the tag! Santana found the tag from the original creator, Sarah @ Book Hooked Nook. Here's the original tag and here's Santana's take on it . I borrowed Sanata's twist and added music choices along with books that fit the prompt, and at the bottom, I complied all the songs into a Spotify playlist so you can listen to that while you read! I also made a special list on my Bookshop featuring all the books if you want to get any of them! Find that here . I hope you discover more books and music to love! If you want more music content, check out my music blog, Music, Musings, and Me . Also, make sure you don't miss Friday's YouTube video that perfectly fits with this tag: Spotlighting Books With Musical Main Characters . 1.  Hit Rewind : a book you go back to again and again?  I don'